Friday, 17 April 2020


....are not implemented. Deliberately. I did implement GOSUB GOTO and RETURN but under protest :) and it's bad, the RENUM command ignores them so if you renumber a program with GOTO and GOSUB in it won't work. There is actually an ON token but it doesn't do anything other than generate a syntax error.

But still one needs data. So I borrowed a concept from AppGameKit BASIC, which has substring functions, so that you can pass in CSV data (or seperated with any single character) e.g.


and there are two functions to split it up. One returns the number of substrings, sub.count(a$,"/") (obviously 4) and one extracts a substring sub.get$(a$,"/",2) so you can store your data in strings (or just in the program code) and access it this way.

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