Thursday, 30 April 2020

Game#10a :Atac Atic (no relation)

This game is not slightly based on "Sabre Wulf"
So this is coming along okay though I haven't done a huge amount on it yet. It's still all done in BASIC (the text on the right isn't a bug and I do write comments in the source but they're filtered out in cross development usually).

However, I did find a bug this morning. I have a command SPRITE 1 END which kills Sprite 1. Which didn't actually work. So the completely original non derivative game shot the spell out but didn't actually remove the spell graphic when it had finished.

So fixed that.

One of the things I've considered, which I first saw on STOS I think, was the idea of being able to attach a background program to a sprite. Simple sequences - move here, change to this graphic, fade out. I'm very tempted to implement this (will finish this game first). It wouldn't be much use here, because it wouldn't be able to bounce of the walls, but it'd be quite handy for simple things ; like in arcade games where you shoot something and it puts up a little "100" in colour which disappears, or explosions. To do those requires the use of timers/events or AFTER. Could use a syntax like SPRITE 4 RUN "xxxxx" though you'd probably need some way of stopping it, and testing status as well.

True story. I've actually visited Ultimate, when they were in Ashby de la Zouch (ACG = Ashby Computers and Graphics) and I was at Keele University (both in central England). I pulled this trick on more than on occasion ; if some game is unavailable due to demand (in the case, the BBC Micro version of "Alien 8") I managed to sort of buy it direct. I tried it with Revs at Acornsoft's HQ in Wellingborough, as well. They think you're mad, but it worked :)

Spent a whole day removing the copy protection to put it on disk. You had to , because it was XORed with the free running timer in the 6522, so you either had to do cycle perfect emulation (non starter in 1985) or add in code and add in enough dummy code so the counter looped back round back to where it would have been anyway. This worked fine, but of course introduced a slow down factor of 65,536, which meant the second or so it spent unscrambling it padded out to about 20 hours. I didn't distribute it though :)

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