Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Game # 10a ... quiz of the week.

As I got fed up just porting someone else's work, this game is under way. This weeks CoronaQuiz is "guess what it is ?" (modelled on). Nearly as hard as those phone in quizzes which charge £2 / minute when you enter.

It's not the derivativeness (real word ?) that's the problem, it's the tedium of line by line translation. If you've ever read a Jilly Cooper book (it was the only thing left) you'll have some idea.

Confession time. I've done this before. I wrote this 35 years ago and it was published in the "BBC Micro User" as a type in. I found it poking round the BBC Micro archives a few days ago.  I've never been able to draw. I still can't. I think it's why I liked coding for the RCA Studio 2 ; at 64x32 resolution you can't actually do much with graphics.

Annoyingly when ever so slightly derivative game was published they got my name wrong ; I became "Hobson" :(

Not the best thing I ever wrote for the BBC Micro. My favourite thing was a derivative of Galaxians that was a multiprocessing tutorial (or just fun). Every enemy was a process running its own script, but it was massively accessible.  Learning through play. I also wrote a hacking game (I got the idea from a Spectrum game System 15000) where my pupils had to use various systems (no internet then) to change the exam results on exam board computers to all A's. It was a simulation, of course, but probably some idiot from OFSTED would accuse me of teaching them to be criminals these days.

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