Sunday, 5 April 2020

Game #3 ... sort of ... Maze

It's not really a game. I did think about making it into a 2D or 3D chase game, but it's just a maze generator at the moment. I do plan to do "Sword of Fargoal" , the old Commodore game (partly because I've already reverse engineered it so I know how it works).

It's a hunt and kill algorithm. What I really wanted to do was bully the core a bit - things like the loops, local variables, arrays and so on to see how it coped.

Fairly well (the code is here). It's a 20x20 maze, and hunts maybe 20 times , and it takes about 13 seconds.

More to the point, it seems fairly reliable, doesn't crash, and ports okay. I've been tinkering a bit today, I found for some reason it built on Raspian before but it doesn't now, so I've changed things so that all the python xxx are python3 xxxx (python 2.7 doesn't work) and changed the screen layout so it fits on the screen.

As always, if you do run the javascript one, reload it, otherwise it might grab it from the cache. 

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